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This blog will only contain my recipe collections and there will always be a story behind every single recipe that I post. I enjoy cooking for others especially my loved ones.. and my passion is exotic foods. Foods that use many spices such as Indonesian, Indian, Thai, Malay, Singaporean and Vietnamese foods.

My biggest inspirations are my mom and my nanny even though they never let me helped in the kitchen when I was back home. They always thought I should study instead of helping in the kitchen. Then, I came to Canada with no experience in kitchen except always won “fried rice competition” while I was in grade 6 and 10. I had to learn everything from scratch, I kept calling my mom & my nanny to ask for guidance and recipes. And things got crazier until my friend (now-my boyfriend) wanted to do catering with me.. It really did force me to be a better cook because i don’t want to be embarrassed.

My boyfriend (and of course my mom & my nanny)has always supported me in whatever I do. He doesn’t mind trying and eating my experimental foods. Sometimes he loves it, sometimes he doesn’t but that is what makes me keep trying to be the best that I could.

All recipes that I post here have been tested by me, my family, my boyfriend. I will never share recipes that I would not use myself.

Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions.. and happy COOKING!


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