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March 23, 2007 / ksari


I’m moving here.. I always wanted to have two separate blogs of my own. One for my daily journal, and one for my recipes collection and finally I have the time to work on this. The story behind the name of Cilantro is because I used to hate this herb before, it’s so smelly..that i used to call it “the smelly leaf”. Until one day, I tried it with Nasi Hainan & Tom Yum Soup..and all the sudden I just love it. Besides, that’s one of my mom and Narto (my bf)’s fave herb.. two people who really mean the whole world to me!

The first few recipes will be a copy & paste from my old blog . Feel free to leave me a comment when you have questions, okay? I will be gladly to get back to you as soon as possible.

All recipes have been tried by me, and please link me back if you happen to copy any recipes from here just to give some appreciation for me and people whom I got the recipes from.

Happy Cooking, everyone!


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